What about shipping and handling?

We will use UPS as our main source of shipping and handling, at the expense of the consumer.

If you prefer any other delivery method, we will work with you. Our main goal is the customer's satisfaction.

How long will it take to receive the products?

Delivery times will vary according to payment method. If you use credit card or COD (Cash on Deliver) your product will be shipped out the next available business day. If you use check, shipping will be delayed until the check is cleared.

Do the product have any warranty?

Yes, you have two days from the day of delivery to declare any type of defect or malfunction of your product.

All products must be lubricated, handled with care, and properly sterilized.

All products are under the care of the consumer and must be well-maintained.

If you would like a warranty of six months on your handpiece, an additional charge of $65 will be added to your bill.

Can I return the products if I'm not satisfied with them>?

You have seven days from the date of delivery to return any product purchased, as long as it was well-maintained.