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SkyCam Unlimited Intraoral Camera

The SkyCam Unlimited Kit connects our wireless mini-receiver to a USB 2.0 port on a Windows computer or laptop -- providing you with the capability to capture and save an unlimited number of images (restrained only by the capacity of your computer's hard disk).

Kit includes:

SkyCam Unlimited Intraoral Camera
Wireless Receiver w/AC adapter
Video to USB Adapter
USB foot pedal w/12 ft. cord
Custom Image Capture Software (CD)
4.9 ft. Video Connection Cable
Charger Stand w/magnetic base & AC adapter
100 Disposable Covers

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380 High Speed Handpiece
price: $125 + $8 s/h

features a standard head design and one cooling spray port

This handpiece provides visibility and easy access to hard-to-reach areas of the tooth.

The well balanced bearing and Turbine set ensures vibration-free operation and increased lifespan.

440 High Speed Handpiece
price: $199 + $8 s/h

features a small head design and three cooling spray ports

This handpiece offers high torque and is lightweight.

These characteristics allow easy access to hard-to-reach areas of the tooth.

The well balanced bearing and Turbine set ensures vibration-free operation and increased lifespan.

Maxi Torque Fiber Optic Handpiece
price: $295 + $8 s/h

incorporates all of the features of the Maxi Torque Handpiece

In addition, it has two cooling focused lights emitting white light towards the bur to enhance oral cavity visibility.

The cool light source is delivered by a fiber optic bundle inside the handpiece.

price: $440 + $8 s/h

Air Motor Handpiece
designed to be a multi procedural handpiece
The speed is adjustable from 2,500 rpm to 20,000 rpm

Available in two or four hole and with or without a cooling system through an external spray port.

fully autoclavable

Straight Handpiece
designed to accept disposable prophy-angle or burs
Up to 40,000 rpm, features low vibration due to the use of three ball bearins.

1:1 "E" Type // fully autoclavable

Contra Angel Hadpiece
designed for greater precision in preparing cavities
Up to 30,000 rpm, features low vibration due to the use of two ball bearings, push-latch type locking mechanism.

1:1 "E" Type // fully autoclavable

LED Portable Curing Light
price: $399 + $15 s/h

Complete material curing through LED light. No heat, no noise, long life LED light. Digital display, allow view for right or left hand operator. Membrane controls, easy asepsis

Time options five seconds and increment of 10 seconds up to 99 seconds. Tone "beep" every 10 seconds.

8-mm glass light guide, 360 degrees swivel. 3 curing modes. Fast; Ramp with soft start output and Pulse.

Can be used as table top model (support supplied or built inside delivery unit.

Ultra Sonic Piezo Scaler
price: $899 + $30 s/h

Foot Pedal
Water Hose
3 Protective Sleeves for in-between patients
2 Tip cassettes
3 Cavitron tips
Instructional video and manual
One year manufacturer warranty

Bicarbonate Prophy Jet
price: $399 + $15 s/h

Portable, weighs less than 2lb. It connects directly to any high-speed hadpiece tibing, utilizing delivery unit water, air, and foot control. Bio Jato creates a fine jet flow of water, sodium bicarbonate, and air. They work together to remove stain and plaque from all surfaces, including interproximals.

Curing Light Oven
price: $399 + $25 s/h

for all indirect techniques using light cured materials for dental labor and practice

High Curing Power
Large Light Chamber
Absolutely Deep and Even Cure
4 Fully Reflected Lamps for Optimum Light Source

Technical Data:
Voltage: 115/230 V, 50-60 Hz
Bulb Spectrum: non-dangerous
Height: 130mm
Width: 225mm
Depth: 290mm
Weight: 2.2kg
UVA: 400-500nm
5 minute timer with drawer system

Dental Endodontic TCM Endo V Handpiece _+ Apex Locator
price: $2299 + $35 s/h

The Endodontic Treatment Motor
with Integrated Electronic Measuring Device

For All Nickel Titanium Systems, One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Technical Data:
Preselectionable torque levels - 2/4/6/10/15/20/25/30/40/50 Nmm
Motor Speed: 150 - 2000 rpm
Apex Adjustment
Torque Protection - Auto Reverse

MD-10 Surgical Motor System for Implantology
price: $3499.99 + $65 s/h

Implant System used for placing implants, compatible with Nobel Biocare and Zimmer Systems

All working processes of Implant surgery can be done using one single contra angle ( reduction 32:1 )
Keyboard for easy handling
High torque with built in Torque controller and safety overload protection
Ten preselectionable levels avaliable: 10/15/20/25/30/35/45/55 Ncm
Immediate stop facility
Sterile internal and external irrigation
Speed Control preprogrammable
Foot Pedal controls the selected Speed, Foward and Reserve and use of Pump
Alarm Buzzer in Reseve Mode
Handpiece and Contra Angle 1:5/ 1:1/ 32:1/ 70:1
Fix Key for Dermatore and Saws